What the Heck is a Dental Implant??

So what’s up with all this talk about “dental implants” these days? What is a dental implant and why should you care?? Chances are that you or someone you know is missing at least one tooth or maybe even all of their teeth. What’s the big deal about having a missing tooth?  Several things can be affected, including changes in your bite, talking, chewing, and smiling with confidence. Also, a face without teeth can sag and give the appearance of premature aging. Replacing teeth with dental implants can help you to maintain a comfortable bite, the natural shape of your face and smile, and allow you eat the foods you love!

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. They are basically man made tooth roots that fuse with your natural bone to provide a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth. The latest technology has made implant dentistry a vey comfortable and rewarding experience. You will, smile, laugh, talk, play, and enjoy everyday life without worrying about your teeth! We place and restore dental implants in our office on James Island and really enjoy seeing how they have improved the quality of life of so many people. If you live in Charleston, SC and want more info, give us a call!