Dealing with Headaches?

You should not have to live with daily, or even weekly headaches.  We see many people who have experienced headaches for years, even after having seen numerous physicians for solutions, and have not found relief.  Most just keep medications handy and learn to deal with it.  But, this is a major compromise to quality of life and should not be the answer.  One roadblock to finding real solutions is that in today's healthcare environment, physicians are forced to rush to see large numbers of patients. Therefore, they cannot spend the amount of time that is necessary to listen, think, and begin to sort through the multitude of possible headache causes to find an answer. Unexplained headaches can many times be linked to dysfunction of the muscles that surround the head, neck and face, the causes of which can be very diverse and complex.  Some are caused by injury, others by stress induced muscle tension, interrupted sleep patterns, jaw clenching, or even an imbalance in jaw function.  The time of day that the headaches occur, the location and duration of the pain, and other symptoms that are noticed along with the headaches can all be clues to the answer.  Finding an explanation and a solution requires a practitioner with patience, determination, and above all else a willingness to listen.  Treating headaches of this nature is a major focus of our practice.  We are able to be successful with this not only because of our extensive training and ongoing education, but because we have built a practice that allows us the time we need with each patient.  Because we are not double booked, and rushing from patient to patient, we can dedicate our time to caring for each individual.

If you are looking for answers to your headaches,  give us a call and we'll help you find relief. (843)737-4437