Less is more. 12 teeth on 4 implants?

This is a very exciting possibility for patients who are facing the possibility of edentulism (complete tooth loss) of one or both jaws.  Teeth play a central role in our everyday activities, from eating and speaking, to expression of emotion. Losing them and deciding how to replace them can present emotional, not to mention financial stress. Classically, treatments revolved around replacing teeth with dentures.  Well fabricated dentures are an acceptable and financially favorable treatment for many people. However, the ability to feel, chew and taste food can be altered and may lead to a decrease in quality of life.  Many patients who do not tolerate the drawbacks of dentures have turned to dental implants for tooth replacement.  They are one of the greatest advances in dentistry today and have been used to replace single and multiple teeth. In the past, the major drawback to treating total loss of teeth with implants was the cost associated with placing one implant for each tooth lost. Well, there is a happy medium. And one technique that is quickly gaining ground is the concept of placing only four implants to support a single, solid, metal reinforced prosthesis(set of teeth) that is fixed in place. This treatment eliminates the drawbacks of wearing dentures, has a significantly lower cost than is normally associated with a "full set" of implants, and the prostheses are beautiful, natural looking, functional and durable.  Restorations such as these can be truly life changing for anyone suffering edentulism, and should be considered when discussing tooth replacement options with your dentist